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Siegfried Heger
February 24, 2013 | Wine | Siegfried Heger

Wine -- What should it taste like ?

First things first...

"Wine should taste like wine", my friend Paul told me this as we were tasting a Pinot Noir that was barriqued to death by the wine maker and his reasoning was that the “customers” wanted this now...

This is what bugged me and no matter if you like White, Red, Sparkling, Rose or...
Wine should taste like wine!

First and foremost wine is made from fruit that is attached to the stem that is attached to the grapevine the root the soil... each one of these parts contributes to the flavor and consistency of the wine.

Second, “Terroir” or where the wine is grown, the influence of the sun, soil, root, water, wind, micro climate etc.... all have an impact on the wine.

Third, we came up with a container to ripen and store the wine in. Amphora’s the Romans and Greek used, large and small wooden barrels. The barrique is a wooden barrel, which originated in France's Bordeaux region. It has a capacity of appr 60 gallons (225 l). Depending on the size of the barrel (volume of wine to surface area of the wood inside the barrel) the smaller the barrel, the bigger is the impact of wood on the wine. Also the longer a wine spends in a barrel the more of the wood flavor (oak) it will incorporate. If the fermentation is allowed to happen in an oak barrel the resulting wine will also have stronger flavors from the wood as a result.
Stainless steel or coated concrete tanks will not impart a flavor unless wood flavor is added by adding wood chips and/or other materials which brings us to

Fourth the people handling the wine...

If we say that everything is equal, a lot of wine is shaped by the wine maker in the cellar. Here we have the different methods, small or large size barrels, stainless steel or oak, temperature during fermentation etc. that shaped wine over the last centuries, here we have laboratories that add or change the chemical composition, acidity, flavor, color and so on to the pallet a lot of people like...

With all this, we as the "drinker" of the wine hope that the producers do not forget that

Wine should taste like wine !


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