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Calvisius Caviar Tradition Prestige 8.75 oz.

Calvisius Caviar Tradition Prestige 8.75 oz.
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Since 1992, Calvisius Tradition is the first brand of sustainable caviar worldwide. Today, as in the past, it is made using only the roe of white sturgeon. At least 12 years are required for these precious black pearls to mature. Even now, the unique characteristics of this tradition are considered the benchmark in the world of fresh caviar. Calvisius Tradition is one of the most significant examples of Italian expertise and craftsmanship in the luxury food sector. The caviar has large-grain eggs (between 2.7 mm and 3.0 mm), the roe is homogenous and compact, and gives off an unmistakable lightly fruity taste with a distinctive nutty hint. The extreme delicacy of this product can be appreciated in full because of its low salt content (a true Malossol). The roe color varies from dark grey to golden amber hues.