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About the Wineries

Who we are

Our mission: VinoDirect is committed to find high-quality boutique wines and products which captivate your senses and develop the full taste of Italian Culture as its best. Because of our longtime industry relationships and direct contact with our winemakers, our devotion to quality, and attention to details we are proud to fulfill your need of discovery and pleasure. The best wines of course, more often than not,  served with soul food and a unique sense of warmth. We strive to make our services up to the task to match in full the outstading quality of our products.

What make us different and unique? Friendship beyond partnership. We know personally our wine-makers and we have met their family. We have spent a lot of time together learning not only how they produce their wines, but also their philosophy and their commitment to their land and their products. A positive and deep connection that is what makes the difference... we have chosen each other in order to build a loyal, long-lasting, and exclusive venture. We import directly their wines and we are proud to represent them!


Located in the hearth of Valdobbiadene, the area of production of the DOCG Prosecco. For more than 30 years it has been producing Prosecco from the Glera grape according to the long Charmat method, which gives to the final product the best characteristic of a fresh and fruity sparkling wine. Only the Prosecco from the DOCG area can be called superiore. Wide range of articles: Brut, Extra dry and Dry and sizes: Splits (187 ml), Magnums (1500 ml) and Jeroboams (3000 ml). Belpoggio is…….an estate of about 10 hectares, half of which are dedicated to Sangiovese and the other part to olive groves. It is located in Castelnuovo Abbot, in the town of Montalcino just 500 meters from the famous Abbey of St Antimo. 

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Vineyards and cellars since 1880
In a world where wines are generally produced using the same grapes, the same technology, the same additives, the same oak for aging and above all the same wine makers, our aim is to obtain a wine which is the expression of the vineyard it comes from, of the grapes it is made of, and above all of our own ideas. Matteo Ascheri is the 6th generation and he is in charge of it directly since 1988, when he took over the activity from his father Giacomo; in the '90s for 6 years he was the president of the center of research for all Piedmont for vines and wines. His style of production can be described as "unplugged" with a non-intervention philosophy at the winery in order to highlight the full potential of his vineyard, his grape varietal, and his own ideas in wine making.

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La Montina

La Montina is amongst the oldest companies of Franciacorta, founded in 1987 by the Bozza’s family whose values are kept nowadays by the grandchildren, Michele and Daniele. New and technologically advanced concepts are combined with respect of the territory and of the past generations. Franciacorta wines La Montina are produced according to the strict rules of Discipline of the Franciacorta Wines Consortium, meant to protect and control the application of the true classical method.

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Ugo Lequio

A boutique producer who strives to strike a delicate balance between tradition and innovation and has made this his most important contribution to Piedmont’s wine culture. This is the guiding philosophy of Ugo Lequio: quality over quantity and a long constant care from the grapes to the cellar.

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Teresa Raiz

Rocky and flat soil and ideal climate for great white wines. The line name derived from the local village, where the vineyards lay. It was in 1971 that the history of Azienda Agricola Teresa Raiz began, in Italy’s northeast area, Friuli, magnificent heartland of white wines. Paolo Tosolini decided to give full vent to that passion which had excited him for years: the desire to produce premium wines.

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Castello di Buttrio

Winegrowers work with time and the seasons. Time for the growing cycle of the vineyard, the ripening of the grapes, and the unhurried maturation of the wine and the seasons which brings nature into wine. Alessandra Felluga respects and follow them and brings all of this together in her wines to naturally heighten the superb wine territory of the Buttrio hills in the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC.

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“Good wine comes from good grapes”. Our mission begins in the vineyard. From pruning to the harvest, each stage is carefully monitored and focused on obtaining the best grapes. When they are ripe the grapes must be healthy, sweet and fragrant and in the best condition for making wine. Then we pray the Good Lord to give us a hand with the weather…All of this to make well-balanced, elegant, and authentic classic wines of Friuli. That is Zaglia’s philosophy.

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