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  • All members must be over 21 years of age. Our shippers require the signature of a person 21 years or older upon receipt. We strongly recommend delivery of wine shipments to businesses, rather than home addresses.
  • We ship wine to select states in accordance with state laws.
  • Please “white list” in your spam filter so we may properly notify you.
  • Club allocations occur every February/May and August/November timeframes.
  • A minimum of two Club allotments is required. 
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL UPON SHIPMENT FROM OUR DOCK. If your shipment is damaged on arrival, contact us immediately.
  • Your wine will be billed to your credit card approximately 15 days in advance of the first allocation event.
  • Sales tax will be added where applicable by California State Law.
  • Scheduled allocations are subject to change due to weather, production factors, and date of sign up.
  • If a member terminates prior to the shipment or pick up of two allocations, a $20 processing fee will be imposed. 
  • If you decide to skip a shipment or cancel your Membership after we charge your card but before we process a pending shipment, we will fully refund your credit card. If we receive your notification after we have completed a shipment, no refund will be issued. 
  • If you cancel your membership after we send email notification of a pending shipment, we strongly recommend that you confirm your cancellation in writing. 
  • If you do not receive your shipment within a reasonable time from shipping notification, contact us. If your shipment cannot be located and delivered we will replace it, subject to availability. 
  • All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.
  • Please contact us at or (310) 295-7509 for more details.
  • Vino Direct, LLC reserves the right to terminate any individual membership.